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Colton Theaker • Class of 2022 • Kickers
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Colton Theaker
Name: Colton Theaker
Player Ranking:
Class Rank: 4
Grad Year: 2022
State: CA
Country: United States
Offers & Commitment:(NEW) WASHINGTON STATE
Pro Team:
Height: 6-3
Weight: 190
Student Since: 2018
Last Evaluation: 1-22


Player Review
Colton is an outstanding junior college kicking prospect. He is a great looking athlete with elite leg strength. He hits a big time D1 level ball off the ground on field goal. He gets great lift on his ball and easily has 55+ yard range. He is strong on kickoffs, D1 ready. He drives the ball 65+ yards with 4.0+ hang time consistently. Colton is also a more than capable punter. He can help you at this position as well. He is a big time competitor that does very well under pressure. The bounce back from Cal Poly SLO continues to prove himself. Big time prospect that is ready to step in and play anywhere. OFFER NOW!!! Huge pick up for Washington State!
Major Accomplishments;
2018 Vegas XXXII Punt Finalist
2018 TOP 12 Camp Invitee
2018 TOP 12 Camp Day 2 Field Goal Champion
*2018 TOP 12 Selection*
2019 Vegas XXXIII Punt Finalist
2019 Senior/JC/ Transfer TOP 12 Selection
2019 CA Spring Camp Kickoff Champion
2019 CA Spring Camp Overall Champion
2022 CA Winter Camp Kickoff Champion
2022 CA Winter Camp Punting Champion
2022 CA Winter Camp Overall Champion
2022 Vegas XXXIX Class of 2022/JC/TR FG Last Man Standing Champion
2022 Vegas XXXIX Field Goal Finalist
2022 Vegas XXXIX Class of 2022/JC/TR Kickoff Champion
2022 Vegas XXXIX Senior/JC TOP 12 Selection

Other Notes:
Combo Player K/P

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