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Oliver Stern • Class of 2027 • Punters
FBS Power 5 Freshman Year Starter, Scholarship Pick
FBS Freshman Year Starter, Scholarship Pick
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D2, D3, NAIA Prospect or FCS PWO
D2, D3 or NAIA Developing Prospect
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Oliver Stern
Name: Oliver Stern
Player Ranking:
Grad Year: 2027
State: CA
Country: United States
Offers & Commitment:(NEW) UNDECIDED
Pro Team:
Height: 5-10
Weight: 145
Student Since: 2023
Last Evaluation: 4-24


Player Review
Aaron Perez (4-23):
Oliver impressed once again at the Spring CA PuntFactory Camp. He has grown physically and has also improved technically very much so. During training at the camp Oliver hit his best punts 40 4.0, 36 4.43 and 39 4.06. During charting Oliver hit his best ball 30 4.11. Oliver has definitely improved his ability to generate power and I can not wait to see how he continues to improve.

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