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  • The following camps are our exposure and instructional camps that are OPEN TO ALL levels of Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers and will offer you the top exposure in the country. 

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    2024 Camps


    January 7: Los Angeles, CA ($375)

    January 12: Vegas XLI Warm Up Session ($125)

    January 13-14: Vegas XLI ($525)



    March 3: Dallas, TX 

    March 10: Los Angeles,CA 

    March 16: Charlotte, NC 

    March 17: Atlanta, GA 

    April 7: Nashville, TN 

    April 14: Chicago, IL 

    April 21: Danville, CA

    April 21: Manasquan, New Jersey

    April 28: Seattle, WA 

    May 3: Vegas XLIV Warm Up Session 

    May 4-5: Vegas XLIV 



    June 22-23: East Coast Underclassmen Invitational (Atlanta, GA)

    July 6-7: Rising Seniors Invitational (Los Angeles, CA) 

    July 13-14: West Coast Underclassmen Invitational (Los Angeles, CA) 



    Sep 14: Salt Lake City, UT 

    Sep 22: Seattle, WA 

    Sept 29: Nashville, TN

    Oct 13: Atlanta, GA

    Oct 20: Los Angeles, CA 

    Oct 27: Dallas, TX 

    Nov 10: Charlotte, NC

    Dec 8: San Francisco, CA 

    Dec 15: Chicago, IL 



    To register for a Chris Sailer Kicking camp, please go HERE

    All EXACT camp locations are located on the registration pages.  All camps are ran by Chris Sailer Kicking staff.

  • Kickers / Punters:

    Andrew David

    Long Snappers:

    Blake Ferguson

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  • Kickers / Punters:

    JK Scott

    Freeman Jones
    North Carolina

    Cameron Gamble

    Gary Wunderlich
    Ole Miss

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  • Kickers / Punters:

    Sean Covington 

    Jed Barnett 

    Diego Gonzalez

    Jimmy Hutchinson 

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Testimonials • Chris Sailer Kicking & Punting
Chris Sailer Kicking & Punting

"Coach, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for you and your program. Our son has grown immensely over this past year and you have been instrumental in this process. The fact that you take the time to get to know each athlete on an individual basis and make them feel welcome and worthy is simply amazing. He appreciates each message and video that you take the time to send. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Vegas this past weekend. I know you are immensely busy and thank you for taking the time to read this message. We will see you sometime this Summer."
Parent (IL)

Dear Chris, Last year was so overwhelming as it was our first camp. This year we knew what to expect and truly sat back and enjoyed every minute. Your initial speech fosters a sense of inclusivity for everyone of those boys. The speech allows them to adjust their mindset and just enjoy the camp. Thank you. We used to live in the DFW area until 5/2021. One of your alumni kickers was our neighbor. That family steered us your way from the beginning, always speaking incredibly high of your programs. Thank you again. See you in a few weeks in Vegas.
Parent - IL

"I am a parent of a High School Kicker. I highly recommend the Sailer Kicking camps and his services. His insight been very helpful throughout out our journey of trying to take a kicker to the college level. His understanding in what steps we need to take and how to get there has been logically explained and easy to digest. He has been genuinely interested, generous with his time and always responded thoroughly and quickly. His methodical approach is easy to understand and very comprehensive. We have found him to be very resourceful and well connected. In fact, he is the best-connected analyst and recruiting resource out there. His camp was professional, organized and great experiences all around. Worth every penny! We went to seven camps this summer and his out shined all of them. The Sailer experience was paramount for my son, and has increased his exposure by 10-fold. We can't say enough good things about how passionate he is and how serious he takes his craft."
Parent - MT

"Thank You for an incredible experience at the Underclassmen Invitational in CA. You did such a great job teaching, coaching and mentoring not only our son, but every athlete in attendance. I am so impressed how you know the name of every participant and make it a point to spend time with all of them. We cannot wait to see you again in the fall. We are also looking forward to Vegas! Great job!"
Parent - CA

"Hello. My son attended his first camp in Burbank yesterday. He had an amazing time! My husband and I were so impressed with the professionalism of the camp and the kicking talent on display. Our son was so excited that Chris even noticed him and commented on his consistency. After all, our son is just a freshman and has only been kicking for a few short months. But that made his day :) "
- Parent

"Hi Coach Sailer, we great speaking with you yesterday. We will 100% be offering a Class of 2023 Kicker. Let's catch up after your camps this week, the Rising Seniors Invitational and TOP 12 to make sure we get the right guy. Looking forward to hearing all about the camps and athletes."
Power 5 Head Coach

"Hi Sailer, was great speaking with you earlier this week. We are very excited about recruiting your Class of 2022 specialists. Can't wait to talk again after the Rising Seniors Invitational and TOP 12. Have a great week in Dallas. Lets catch up on July 19th once the dust has settled." - D1 FBS Coach
D1 FBS Coach

"Hi Sailer, I wanted to say thank you for the time we spent talking about your recruits. Your insight was a major factor in us offering and landing the commitment of ....  We expect him to be a major piece of our team moving forward. I know we got a great one. Thank you for all that you do. We will be looking for a punter here also soon. I'll be in touch" - FBS Special Team Coach
FBS Coach - 2020

"Once again we were beyond amazed with how well you handled camp yesterday in Indiana with the current situation. Thank you for always being so great to the boys and keeping them safe. See you at the Underclassmen Invitational in a few weeks"
Parent - 2020

Hi Chris, wanted to say THANK YOU for the camp today. This was our first Chris Sailer Kicking camp and we were a bit nervous as my son is still young and inexperienced. It was so nice to see that you pay equal attention to each and every athlete in attendance. It was even better to see that you include the parents in all aspects of the camp. We felt welcome and learned so much. My son now wants to attend Vegas in May, so we will be there. You will be seeing a lot of the ..... Family the next 4 years. Thanks again.
Parent - 2020

I was blown away by the camp yesterday in GA. Your ability to coach and connect with the boys is unbelievable. How you know every single kicker and punter by name within 15 minutes from the start of camp is remarkable. It is obvious that you care about all the boys, not just the top boys. With over 150 athletes in attendance, the camp was smooth and organized. Our family is sold. See you in Vegas in January. Looking forward to it!"
Parent - 2019

"Thank you for teaching me the small training tips. You are truly the only coach that has a purpose for everything that is taught!"
Kicker - TX

"Hey Chris, just wanted to let you know that we won our league this past weekend for the first time in over 20 years. I went 2-2 on field goals and also hit all of my kickoffs into the end zone. Thank you so much for all the coaching and support. None of this would have been possible for me without your camps. I am looking forward to our upcoming playoff game and also Vegas in January!"
Kicker - CA

Hi Chris, I wanted to pass along our sincere thank you. It is amazing how many other companies proclaim to be the best in the industry. We have seen it all and it is very clear who the best is... Chris Sailer Kicking & Rubio Long Snapping. Your experience, expertise and genuine care for each athlete is unparalleled. The proof is visible in "actions" not "words". Keep up the good work. We are excited about Vegas XXXV. We are bringing the whole family this year. See you again soon."
Parent - 2019

Chris... Thank You for a great camp. As a parent, it is extremely difficult to navigate camps trying to decide what is best. Throwing a bunch of time and money at something just for the sake of doing it has never been my style. I don’t know “kicking” very well, but I know “people” and I know what feels right, and my son and I walked away today feeling great about the entire experience with Chris Sailer Kicking. Obi is absolutely top notch. The inclusion of parents into everything you do is an amazingly welcome change. The organization of the camp is another welcome change. I don’t remember a lot of wins and loses in my life, but I do remember the people. The way your mind works and your ability to remember each kid 15 minutes into camp was unbelievably impressive, but even more, it made the kids feel at home immediately. We are believers! 2020 All-Access, here we come! Thank You. #TeamSailer
Parent - 2019

"I had to reach out just to say THANK YOU for all that you have done for our son and our family. He just started his first college game and did extremely well. You were such a huge part of getting him ready for this opportunity both as a coach and mentor. It is about so much more than just football. We are proud to be a part of #TeamSailer. Can't wait for next week already. This is soooo much fun!"
Parent - 2019

"Wow. Thanks for the great camp at Dallas. As first timers, we really didn’t know what to expect. But what expectations we had were definitely exceeded. What I wanted to thank you for was more than the kicking advice and encouragement our son had, but was the atmosphere you created. Allowing us as parents to be involved as much as we wanted, to have access to listen and watch whatever we could, and to be available for questions we had was definitely the reason we will be back."
Parent - 2019

"Hi Chris, wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for all of your work with our son both on and off the field. He is brimming with confidence. We are beyond excited for the upcoming Vegas Camp in May. See you there."
Parent - 2019

"Hi Chris, just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the amazing camp and overall experience today in Dallas. After a year of hearing great things about your camps, we decided to finally attend even though we had to travel quite a distance. It was worth every penny. We are fairly certain that we will now attend Vegas next month as well. We spoke to several parents at camp and they all raved about it. See you May 11th and many more times beyond that."
Parent - 2019

I can't say enough about our amazing experiences with Chris Sailer Kicking. The communication is accurate, thorough & timely. Samantha (Chris's assistant) is a resource when you have questions. The instruction from Chris and all of the CSK Staff is the absolute best. My son started kicking in this program in 2017 as a sophomore in high school and I can only say that I wish we had started sooner. We have attended regional camps, the Underclassmen Invitational & the national events in Las Vegas. Top notch experiences for sure! Amazing orchestration of efforts to plan such events and ensure that every kid in attendance gets honest & fair feedback in addition to instruction. Thank you Chris and all the CSK Staff. You guys are the best in the game for a reason!" - Parent
Parent - 2018

"Chris, we had an incredible time at the camp in Phoenix last week. I just wanted to thank you and Joey for a job well done. We are looking forward to Vegas next month. There is no doubt that Chris Sailer Kicking is the best in the business!"
Parent - AZ - 2018

"Chris, I wanted to send you a quick note to simply thank you for all that you do. We debated going to Vegas and looking back it was the best choice we ever made. Vegas was by far the most organized, professional and talent filled camp out there. Others in existence don't even come close. Keep up the great work. See you in IL and at Vegas XXXII." - Parent, OH
Parent - OH - 2018

"Hi Chris, hopefully the dust from Vegas has settled. All that I can say is WOW! Job well done by yourself and your incredible staff. This was by far the best camp that we have ever attended. You run a first class program that I will recommend to everyone for years to come. We will be back in May for sure. Can't wait to see all of the results."
Parent - NC - 2018

"A quick note to say Happy Holidays to the entire Chris Sailer Kicking Staff. All the best and looking forward to an amazing 2018. #TeamSailer #SailerFamily" - Parent, CA
Parent - CA - 2017

"Hi Chris, just wanted to let you know that my kickers enjoyed the AZ camp this past Sunday and learned a ton. Carson Wiggs is a fine representative of your program. We will see you in Vegas."
Parent - AZ - 2017

Hi Chris, thank you so much for today's camp. I was beyond impressed with the coaching, attention to detail and organization. I have no idea how you memorize every players name and take the time to make sure each has a positive camp experience. I took your advice and spoke to 5 parents at camp. Thank you for that. We were talking in the car on the way home and will definitely be in Vegas next month. Your organization is first class all the way!"
Parent - GA - 2017

"With my season and career coming to an end I wanted to reach out and thank you for all that you have done for me. From personally working with me on my craft to helping me get into the Ivy League, I appreciate it all and will forever be grateful. I couldn't have been happier with my time in college as a student athlete and I owe you a huge thank you. Hope all is well in your world and looking forward to crossing paths in the near future!" - College Senior
Kicker - College - 2017

"Hi Chris. We wanted to thank you for the camp this past weekend in Charlotte. What sets you apart, among other things, is your ability to involve the parents. The on field inclusion and off field seminars are game changers. You guys should advertise this great benefit to future campers and familes even more. All the best and see you in Vegas"
Parent - NC - 2017

"Thank you so much for the camp yesterday in Dallas. I was beyond impressed with every aspect of the camp. We have been to a few other camps and just wanted to let you know that yours was far and away the best. There is no comparison. The joy you take in both the kids and your work is obvious. We are going to sign up for Vegas later today and will also see you every time that you are back in Texas. Keep up the good work. As you mentioned in the seminar, we are now #TeamSailer"
Parent - TX - 2017

"Hey Sailer, I am starting to get really excited about Vegas. I really wanted to make TOP 12 last year but fell just short. At the time, I was really disappointed and mad at myself. But I think that was the best thing for me. I am more motivated than ever to make it this year now that I am a junior. I am working every day to achieve that goal. You will see my best out there in Vegas. I am looking forward to a great year ahead. #TeamSailer"
Kicker - NC - 2017

"We are so excited to see you again in Charlotte next month. Our son is having a great year personally and his team is also having one of their best seasons ever. He is having so much fun and is kicking and punting with more confidence than ever. You have been such a great coach and mentor. We can't thank you enough. Good luck with all of your fall camps. See you in Charlotte and Vegas. We can't wait!" Parent, NC
Parent - NC - 2017

Hi Chris...this is (parent of a kicker). Thank you for the wonderful camp in New Jersey. Your instruction and advice is well respected and so valued. Thanks again. We look forward to getting your coaching again soon! - Parent - NJ - 2017
Parent - NJ - 2017

"Hi Chris, wanted to let you know that my season is off to a great start. I am 100% on extra points and just made my first field goal attempt this past game. I am also kicking off very well and even my punting is coming around. Thank you so much for the great coaching and providing a competitive camp experience. I know that you are a big reason why I am kicking with such confidence. See you at the camp in Los Angeles and also can't wait for Vegas" - Kicker - CA (Class of 2018)
Kicker - CA - 2017

"Hi Coach Sailer, so I started in my first varsity high school game yesterday. It was amazing. I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have taught me. My routine and confidence in my muscle memory work payed off big time. I felt like I was kicking another ball at one of your camps. I made my first field goal from 34 yards and made all of my extra points. Thank you again. See you at the Fall camp and Vegas." - Kicker, Class of 2020
Kicker - Class of 2020

"Coach Sailer, I can't believe my senior year of college is here. It has been such a great ride. I've never felt more prepared to start a season. Thank you for the amazing summer and all the years of training. Ready to represent #TeamSailer." - College Kicker
Kicker - College - 2017

"Hi Coach, wanted to reach out to to let you know that our son is off to a great start in Fall Camp. We attended three Chris Sailer Kicking camps this summer and I believe that made all of the difference in the world. He is battling for a starting position and has taken the lead to start in the first game of the season. He came into camp prepared and that confidence was huge. What you do for these young men is amazing. And it goes well beyond the field. Thank you again. We will be in touch and see you at a fall camp and also in Vegas!" - Parent - 2017
Parent - 2017

"I just want to say thank you again for the camp today. I can honestly say that I have never had so much fun and learned so much in one day. Words cannot accurately articulate my gratitude. I am very excited to begin practicing and doing the drills to improve my kicking abilities. Thanks again." - Kicker - 2017, CA
Kicker - CA - 2017

"Just wanted to let you know that our son got a lot out of the virtual lesson with Carson last night. The feedback he received was pointed and logical, and he's already been working on additional drills/lessons Carson provided. Overall, his enthusiasm was through-the-roof when I got home last night. He and his mom took a lot of notes, and I know he's looking forward to implementing the feedback as he works to get better. Thank you, Chris, for providing this service. And thank you, Carson, for the great session." Parent - MD - 2017
Parent - MD - 2017

"Hey Chris, we have been going to these college camps. I understand that they are a must, but I have to tell you, we can't wait to get back to your camps. Now more than ever we appreciate your organization, coaching and mentoring of the boys. See you in July!" - Parent - CA - 2017
Parent - CA - 2017

"Hi Chris, wanted to reach out to you to say thank you. Our son has attended a few college camps and is doing very well. It is so apparent from the sidelines who the Chris Sailer Kicking trained specialists are out there. You do an amazing job getting these young men ready. See you at TOP GUN and also in Atlanta." - Parent, GA
Parent - GA - 2017

"Thanks for everything this weekend, Vegas is a great experience and one of the best times that I have had in my life. Looking forward to the future and the rest of this process, thanks for all your help and advice. #TeamSailer #Vegas 30" - Kicker, TX
Kicker - TX - 2017

"Chris, thank you for the great camp today. You coaching and insight is priceless. Excellent job. See you in Vegas!"
Parent - CA - 2017

"Chris - we want to thank you for all that you have done for our son thus far to help him achieve his goals and dreams!! You and Rubio have been great coaches, teachers and role models for the boys! We are very proud and blessed to be a part of #TeamSailer family!! (& Rubio as they all form great friendships with each other!) Looking forward to Vegas! Kind regards." - Parent, AZ
Parent - AZ - 2017

"Wanted to send you a quick note to tell you thank you for all that you have done for our son. He is growing into a fine young man and your ability to connect with these young men as a mentor is a huge part of that. We cannot wait to work with you again in Vegas and this summer. Keep up the good work." - Parent, CA - 2017
Parent - CA - 2017

"We as parents now have both been with our son at a Chris Sailer Kicking camp and we are beyond impressed! They do an amazing job with the young man and keep the families involved the whole way. Sailer and Rubio are excellent and honest communicators and amazing coaches!" Parent - OR - 2017
Parent - OR - 2017

"I first went to a few camps run by ---------- when I was in High School, then I went to my first Sailer camp and I never looked back!" - College Kicker, FBS
College Kicker, FBS

"Chris just wanted to reach out to you now that camp is over. We didn't know what to expect due to the weather prediction in Charlotte. I want to commend you on how you handled the situation. Your adjustment to the schedule and attention to detail was flawless. We had a great experience and came away with tons of knowledge. Our son learned so much both on and off the field. You are #1 in this business without a doubt. Keep it up and see you in Vegas"
Parent - NC - 2017

"Hi Chris, I am following up on camp yesterday in Sherman Oaks. This is the first of your camps my son has attended. Let me say, I see now why your camp is one of the premier camps in the country. Outstanding job! The guys got plenty of opportunities to kick and measure their skills. Thank you! I was most impressed with your ability to connect quickly, by name, with the players. That itself is a skill. As a long time educator, I see lots of students come through my classrooms and I know it takes effort to remember their names. Even here at Cal Poly I work to know every students’ name in my classes! It matters. Well done! I appreciate your candor with the parents and players. While we would all like to see our sons play at the next level, the fact is, for me, it is about helping my son be the best person he can be by setting goals, working hard, staying disciplined and having fun. Your camp is well managed and you are a “hands-on” guy. I like that. In a couple of other camps we have been to, that has not been the case. My son had a great time at the camp. He was nervous at first, but realized his skill set was competitive for his age. He is a real student of the kicking game. He knows of just about every D1 kicker and every NFL kicker. He watches lots of film! Anyways, Chris, thanks for a great camp. My son and I will talk and determine if Las Vegas is a possibility. As an all-around student he has lots of obligations that force us to have to make tough decisions. If we can, we’ll probably be in Vegas. It was nice to meet you. Safe travels. Parent - CA - 2017
Parent - CA - 2017

"It is amazing where this game will take you. Thank you Chris from the both of us!" Matt Philichi (Air Force) & Bennett Moehring (Navy)
College Kickers

"Thank you so much for the amazing camp in Chicago. This was our first experience in that sort of an environment and we couldn't be more pleased. You do such a great job with the boys. I am super impressed how you get to know each and every one of them by name. We cannot wait for our next Sailer camp. I think we are going to make it to Vegas. Thanks again."
Parent - IL

"My son has the game of his life last night. It was such a joy to see all of his hard work pay off. We owe you a great deal of credit for physically and mentally preparing him for the season. See you soon!"
Parent - CA - 2016

"I am so excited that the season is finally getting underway. I feel that I am better prepared than every thanks to you and your camps that I attended this summer. I am gunning for the Sailer Award and All-American honors. See you this Fall in Chicago and I will also be in Vegas. Thanks again."
Kicker - IL - 2016

"Quick word of thanks for the attention shown to my boys at the Charlotte camp. Your instruction on the field and in the film session was extraordinary! Pretty impressed with your business model as well. Hope we meet again."
Parent - NC - 2016

Hello Chris this is.... with the .... (NFL Team). I know I have never talked to you or never met you in person but I want you to know you do a great job with these kids. I watch your videos and they speak very highly of you. Hopefully one day I will get to meet you and come to one of your camps. Keep up the good work!" - NFL Coach
NFL Coach - 2016

"Thank you again for another great camp. I have to say that yesterday’s opening (for kickers) was by far the most motivating and inspiring start to a camp that we’ve experienced. It definitely set the tone for the day. See you in Vegas."
Parent - CA - 2016

"Chris, thank you again for all that you do. I want to point out that it is so much more than just the training. We come to camps almost more for the information and mentoring on academics, character and life lessons. You and your staff are simply the best. See you in Vegas"
Parent - TX - 2016

Chris, just wanted to send a note to say thank you. We took you up on using your staff for private lessons. Obi has been amazing. It is the perfect compliment to your camps. Looking forward to the NJ camp and Vegas. Great work."
Parent - NY - 2016

"Chris, thank you for all that you have done for our son. We just attended our 5th Vegas Camp. I am astonished how it somehow gets better every time. Your camps from organization, quality of instruction and competition is light years ahead of anyone in this business. We are excited to move on to the next chapter and have our son play college football next year. Can't wait to see him develop under your guidance over the next 5 years and hopefully beyond. Please let me know if I can ever do anything for you. Keep it up, the kids need you."
Parent - CA - 2016

"Chris Sailer revolutionized the way specialists are recruited. Vegas was and is genius. His coaching and evaluation of Kickers & Punters is unmatched. I 100% recommend Chris Sailer Kicking as the only place to go in the Specialist World!"
D1 Head Football Coach, FBS

"Hey coach! I can't stop thanking God everyday for sending me to you to prepare me for my future. You're the reason why I get to kick in college and I couldn't be more grateful. If there's anything that I can do just let me know. See you on the big stage in January!"
Kicker - GA

"Simply the best! Thank you Chris and Obi for giving our son an experience that will pay off for a lifetime. See you in Vegas!"
Parent - NJ

"Thank you for another amazing camp. I am feeling more confident and motivated than ever. I love what you do, you run the best program in the nation"
KICKER - CA - 2015

"Chris I cannot say how happy we were with the recent camp. Your knowledge of the kicking game and recruiting is unparallelled. I was even more impressed with how you truly care to get to know every player by name. Consider us loyal to Chris Sailer Kicking and your camps until the end! Thank you again."
Parent - IL - 2015

"Chris, Taking the liberty of sending you a brief note about this past weekend’s kicking camp (FBU) in Dover, NJ. Just wanted to say what a great job Joe Houston and Obi Egekeze did in helping my son understand a few areas of technique that will greatly help his game. He is still a 9th grader, but had the rare experience of kicking for his HS varsity team in 2014. The competition at the FBU camp was obviously above his ability, but Joe and Obi provided him with the right amount of encouragement and instruction to not feel overwhelmed by the upperclassmen. And he hit his first 40 yard field goal. I put him in a different camp last summer and it helped him get started. But I’d say your camp is going to help him get to the next level!"
Parent - NJ - 2015

"The most amazing three days of kicking, bonding and fun I will ever have! Definitely a camp to remember. Thank you Chris! #EventElite"
KICKER - CA - 2015

"Best Camp I've ever been too. Thank you again and great staff and overall instruction. Amazing experience!"
KICKER - TX - 2015

"Hi Chris, I wanted to share a sincere thanks from my wife and I. I know you are often told of the tremendous positive impact you have on all the players you work with and I wanted to add our names to that list of appreciative parents. Our son had been to a few other camps before he met you several years ago. He had a long way to go correcting flaws in his punting but you lit a fire in him. Your challenge and inspiration has been the driving motivation for him to work hard in everything he does in life. The endless hours he spends on everything he has learned at your camps is very gratifying for a parent. We all know our son is a quiet guy so we wanted to fill you in on what a difference you have made for him as a player and a young man. Even though he had a great weekend, after the event, he only talked about what he needs to work on to be a better punter. The life skills you instill as a part of your coaching is very special. We will always be grateful for the difference you have made in our son's life."
Parent - CA - 2015

"Good morning Chris! I wanted to thank you for yet another successful kicking camp! I can not tell you enough how much you and the entire staff are appreciated. We look forward to seeing you again. I hope you have a wonderful day!"
Parent - KY - 2015

"I wanted to take a minute to say the camp exceeded expectations again! Very organized, great staff, awesome talent. Nice to see the consistency of the quality and experience provided by both camps we have been able to attend. We had a great time! I appreciate that the staff shows a real interest in each participant!!!"
Parent - AZ - 2015

"Best Camp I've ever been too. Thank you again and great staff and overall instruction. Amazing experience!"
KICKER - CA - 2015

"Thanks Chris, our son had a great time at camp this weekend, you are a CLASS ACT! He has attended many other camps, this one is at the very top!"
Parent - UT - 2015

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. Chris, you and your staff are top notch. I wasn't sure about having my son attend as I thought your camp was only for elite kickers. Yes, you had elite players, but you give every kicker equal attention. The experience was amazing. Our son is more motivated than ever. In fact, we will now be heading to Las Vegas. Can't wait!"
Parent - IL - 2015

"It was a pleasure meeting you this weekend in Atlanta. Our whole family was extremely impressed with your organization. We had heard so many great things prior to camp and yet you still exceeded our expectations. We will be in Vegas this May and to many many more Chris Sailer Kicking camps in the future. Thanks again!"
Parent - GA - 2015

Chris, thanks so much. You've been a great positive influence on our son. He's become a fine young man, and you've had a part in that development. Regardless of what happens with his kicking future, the values you have taught and reinforced will remain, and for that I will always be grateful."
Parent - CA - 2015

"Chris, the camp experience that my wife and I were able to enjoy with our son this past weekend in Dallas was second to none. We have been to a few other kicking camps in the past, what a mistake. Your knowledge and organization are head and shoulders above the rest. We will only be attending Chris Sailer Kicking camps from here on out. Great job!"
Parent - TX - 2015

"Thank you so much Chris, for everything. The training, the off field mentoring, the camps, Vegas, etc. It has all paid off. I cannot wait to share the college experience with Chris Sailer Kicking. The next chapter is almost here."
Parent - CA - 2015

"Hey Coach, I just wanted to say thank you again for the great camp this past weekend. I am glad that I could perform well in front of you. It was great working with you and all the staff. I will for sure be taking all the tips today and incorporating them into my training. Thanks for everything".
KICKER - CA - 2015

"I am so excited for the upcoming camp this weekend in CA. I have been waiting so long to attend your camps. I am going to the CA and also Las Vegas in May. I keep hearing so many great things. Can't wait to meet you"
KICKER - CA - 2015

"Chris, Thanks for sending the pic of our son and 3 other guys. I wanted to complement you on running a great operation. You have perfected all aspects of your camps and their smooth operation. We own and manage our business so I know how difficult it is to pull off the planning and logistics of an operation of your camps order of magnitude. Keep up the great work. We look forward to seeing you at a camp soon. Our son was really pumped up and motivated after Vegas. He is self motivated but finishing high at Vegas increases their confidence."
Parent - GA - 2015

"Thank you so much for putting on this camp coach. I had a fantastic time and met a bunch of new friends. Thank you again coach it's been one of the best experiences of my life and I hope you saw a potential college kicker in me!"
Kicker - FL - 2015

"Thank you for everything you do!! I wouldn't be where I am today without you. I really appreciate it."
Kicker - CA - 2015

"Hey coach! Thanks again for an amazing camp. The competition was unreal and I'm happy I got in the playoffs for field goals! Hoping to get top12!! Would be a huge accomplishment and can't wait for what the future holds!"
Kicker - GA - 2015

"Coach Sailer, I just want to say thank you and let you know how much I appreciate all that you and the other coaches taught me this weekend. I had a lot of fun and can't wait to see what the rest of my high school career holds. Thanks again!"
Kicker - OR - 2015

"Hey Coach, thank you so much for another great camp. It was a fantastic experience for me and I learned a lot. I feel very motivated to go forward and to keep working towards next Vegas. Again, thank you Coach."
Kicker - NC - 2015

"Thanks for a great camp this weekend!! I had a great time and learned a lot and it is always great to do so with the best kickers and coaches in the country!"
Kicker - TX - 2015

"Just wanted to say thank you for such a "1st class" event!!! Looking forward to what's in store and coming up! Awesome weekend!"
Parent - AZ - 2015

"Thank you Chris for making this weekend such a great experience! You had an amazing staff and I really learned a lot from all of them as well as watching from other players. This was truly the biggest camp of my life and I have you to thank for it! All the preparation and hard work payed off I can't wait to be back here in May! Hope to see you soon."
Kicker - CA - 2015

"Simply amazing camp yesterday. What you are able to provide these young men on and off the field is remarkable. We have been to a few other camps and your camp blows them away. I am very happy that we found you during freshman year. We will be sticking with Chris Sailer Kicking from here on out. Best in the business by far!"
Parent - TX - 2014

"Dear Chris, I wanted to thank you again for another successful camp. I know our son, as well as the other boys greatly appreciate the opportunity. Despite the nasty weather, the camp went very well. It shows your dedication to the kids and the sport. We are looking forward to January's camp in Las Vegas!"
Parent - KY - 2014

"I just needed to say this, you are the best kicking coach in the country, and all your guys that have helped me (Joe, Obi, and Erik) are just amazing. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family coach."
KICKER - AL - 2014

"I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for running an excellent camp on Sunday at Lewis University. My son had never had any sort of kicking instruction prior to your camp. He had an excellent high school season making 24/25 extra points and 6/7 field goals (Sophomore Level) but honestly did it all on his own with no instruction on fundamentals. I was very pleased that your camp spent some time discussing and demonstrating basic fundamentals of kicking as well as the exposure nature of the camp. That is exactly what my son needed at this point in time. I will definitely be signing him up for a future camp"
Parent - IL - 2014

"Everywhere we go, every parent or coach that we speak with, we always here the same thing - Sailer is the best in the business!"
Parent - CA - 2014

"We took everything that both you and Rubio said in the seminar at the CA camp in regards to unofficial visits and put it into play this past weekend. We had an amazing time at the game and got face time with the special teams coach just as you said it. As always thank you for all that you do."
Parent - CA - 2014

"Yesterday was our first camp with Chris Sailer Kicking. We came because every time we went to any other camp, the whispers in the crowd were always about how great Chris Sailer Kicking camps were. So we made the investment and booked our airline tickets. Let me just say, the investment was well worth it. What you were able to provide to the players at your camp far outdoes any other camp in the business. We will only be attending Chris Sailer Kicking camps from here on out. Keep up the good work. See you in Las Vegas. I heard that the Vegas Event is amazing"
Parent - AZ - 2014

"We look forward to the Homepage update each week with the Bios, Pictures & Testimonials. You and Rubio simply do an amazing job. Keep up the great work. #TeamSailer grows stronger every day! See you in Chicago and Las Vegas."
Parent - IL - 2014

"After being with Chris Sailer Kicking now for 7+ years, I felt it necessary to send you a heartfelt testimonial. From the instruction, to the competition, to the lifelong friendships made (for both our son and us as his parents), to the scholarship offers, to the college football experience, to what will one day be a college degree.....Chris Sailer Kicking simply does it all. No one else even comes close. We were constantly approached via Facebook, emails, letters and on and on and by your competitors. And still to this day, we still are constantly solicited. In fact, our son's girlfriend was recently sent a friend request (what a joke). I guess it makes sense since they have to go after your students to create any buzz for themselves. Bottom line, through experience, we now know more than ever that Chris Sailer Kicking is the only way to go. The best proof is amongst the circle of parents. Here is a quote that you should be proud of "If we only knew then what we know now, we would have never wasted our money with any other organization." Keep it up Chris. Thousands of parents of kickers & punters are counting on you!"
Parent - GA - 2014

"When my son moved from soccer to football and began taking an interest in kicking, I was faced with the same predicament that I am sure many parents experience, what I do now in terms of supporting him with the right coaching etc. I was very fortunate to have a conversation with a close friend whose son had attended camps with Chris Sailer. He told me there is one name in the US for kicking , if your son wants to pursue this , you need to get in touch with Chris , get him into the camps to be evaluated etc. All I can say is that after 2 camps , and many more to come in the future , we are very lucky to be under the tutelage of a true professional whose is in this business for all the right reasons. Thank you Chris , keep up the great work!"
Parent - Canada - 2014

"I wanted to praise you for the excellent instruction that our son received from your private coach Joe Houston. Chris Sailer Kicking comes through on every level. Your large events, camps, group lessons and private instruction are all top notch! See you at the CA camp and see you in Las Vegas. Cannot wait!"
Parent - CA - 2014

"We are enjoying the 2014 football season soooooooo much. I wanted to personally thank you for all that you have done for our son and for all of those fortunate young men that get the opportunity to work with you. I will recommend Chris Sailer Kicking to anyone and everyone. If you ever need any sort of testimonial more than this, please let me know, as it would be my pleasure."
Parent - CA - 2014

"Hello Chris, I know you are extremely busy. I wanted to let you know that Las Vegas was truly phenomenal !! It was great watching all the exceptional athletes. Me and my wife experienced and learned alot . You have an outstanding program and you truly set yourself apart from all others. After that extensive training and workout you no doubt are well respected and a dedicated Coach. You ensure all the young athletes you train all over the nation become successful, Not just Texas. It was exciting for me to see you had Wizard Kicking Sports, and NCSA out in Vegas. My son actually wore his cleats from Wizard Kicking and also has his recruiting profile with NCSA, so it made me feel he is on the right track. My son right a way took the instruction you gave him during film to heart and trained on correcting his approach before the Vegas Event. The results were successful !! He continues to workout and train hard, hoping that some doors will open in becoming a dedicated kicking specialist. I could never Thank you enough Coach for giving him this opportunity !!! Again Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for my son, Coach!!!"
Parent - TX - 2014

Hi Chris. I asked my son what he takes away from Chris Sailer Kicking Camps after camp yesterday. I just found out what the boys really like; friendly but intense competition followed up with camaraderie. They are a fraternity of kickers that are given great training; are allowed to meet D-1 kickers who have accomplished what the students want to achieve in the next few years; given the opportunity to train with current NFL kickers as well as past kickers. All of this is a special training that serves as renewing motivation on the student's part. All of this cumulates with the Vegas experience where the kickers get to see hundreds of fellow kickers - compete, challenge each other, then become friends. They communicate via social media after the camps and look forward to the next meeting. They meet a great group of staff that you bring together: Chris Nendick, Andre Heidari, Carson Wiggs, Derek Dimke, just to name a few, and these guys are very helpful with all training aspects both on and off the field. Everyone cares to help long past the end of a camp. I just wanted to say thanks because the participants gain so much more than the correct positioning of their weight balance, walking straight to their plant, keeping their eyes back on the sweet spot, keeping their counter balance arm high and swing thru and up. (Hope I got that right)."
Parent - IN - 2014

Coach Sailer , I wanted to tell you thanks for all of the camps that I got to attend with you. I not only learned a lot about punting & competition but got to meet a lot of friends in the process. I attended several of your camps & other professionally run camps through my high school years & your camps were the most informative , fast paced , accurately evaluated & fun. Your camps gave me the best exposure to college coaches , college players & NFL players of all camps. I know that you have hundreds of personal contacts with college coaches & NFL coaches. Everyone in the business knows your name & respects your analysis of athletes. I’m not a long snapper but Rubio is a blast. All of the long snappers that I have met at camps love him. He’s full of knowledge , energy , funny & professional. I got a lot of exposure from your camp & had a lot of contacts from D1 , D2 , D3 football programs. Last Thursday I committed to play football at ..... Coach Woz ..... saw me punting in 2012 at .... that you were running & kept in contact with me after he moved coaching jobs. That’s a good story for your current campers to hear , that I was followed for 2 years by a coach , you never know when someone is looking. It would not have happened without Chris Sailer Kicking Camps.
Punter - GA - 2014

"Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you that you are the best in the business. It is not even close. Keep up the good work. See you in Charlotte and in Las Vegas."
Parent - SC - 2014

"Week 1 is in the books. I cannot believe the difference between our son's confidence this year. We have you to thank for the great coaching and even better mentoring. What you do for these boys on and off the field is amazing and needs to be recognized. Thank you again. Whether he makes twenty more kicks this year or zero, it doesn't matter. His future is bright thanks in part to your program."
Parent - CA - 2014

Thanks coach for the camp today! I thought I did really well today. Wanted to pass along the message that he learned more from this camp than he has from all the other camps we've ever been to combined. Definitely coming back.
Parent - VA - 2014

"Hey Chris, just wanted to shoot you a quick note expressing our gratitude for all that you have done for our son. He is kicking with incredible confidence this Fall thanks to your coaching and mentoring. You are the best in the business. Looking forward to updating you throughout the season. See you in NC and VEGAS!"
Parent - NC - 2014

Thanks coach for the camp today! Our family wanted to pass along the message that we learned more from this camp than we have from all the other camps we've ever been to combined. Definitely coming back."
Parent - IL

"Thanks coach for the camp today! We wanted to pass along the message that we learned more from this camp than we have from all the other camps we've ever been to combined. Definitely coming back."
Parent - IL - 2014

"I have to say, the Underclassmen Invite Event was everything that it was promised to be an more. For our son he left the camp encouraged by the support of your staff and motivated to be the best. For us as parents we left the camp with so much knowledge and a new support group of kicking, punting and long snapping parents that we know we can lean on for years to come. You and Rubio have truly created the ultimate family amongst specialists. All you do is deliver time and time again. Keep it up. See you at TOP Gun and in Chicago on July 13th.
Parent, IL - 2014

"Chris, Your Las Vegas Camp (May 10th and 11th, 2014) was outstanding! It was incredibly organized and the team of coaches and players you assembled to assist you with everything were extremely professional and mature. My son puts in hours training every week as a JC kicker and to see so many other top-tier players with that level of commitment and skill was energizing. Thank you for all the hard work and preparation that you put into your camps... it truly shows! You’re the real deal. Keep it up!"
Parent, CA - 2014

"Thanks for the Illinois Camp. After attending other camps he told me that this was the best one he attended. He learned much more on what to correct and how to correct than previous camps. In fact, he has to unlearn some poor coaching that has prevented him to progress."
Parent IL 2014

"Our daughter has rodeo'd since she was 7 years old, we have been to the Jr. High National Finals in Gallup, NM two times with her, most months we had two or three barrel races or rodeos to go to. Our son has played baseball & basketball since he was 5 years old and he has played football since third grade. I am a banker and a music minister at our church. AND WE HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING RUN AS SMOOTH, AS TIMELY, AS EFFICIENT, AS FRIENDLY, AND AS PRECISE AS THE CHRIS SAILER KICKING EVENTS WE HAVE BEEN TO. LAS VEGAS WAS NO EXCEPTION. When I saw our son's charting time as 9:24, I knew that was accurate but I was amazed that you and Rubio had it broken down to the minute. I knew nothing about you or any other specialist recruiting pipeline when we first got into this. You and Rubio do an AMAZING job with your camps/events and there is a good balance of instruction, evaluation, and competition. We have met some great kids and some wonderful parents that we stay in touch with on a regular basis. I just wanted to thank you for giving us and our son a chance to be a part the kicking family across the country and to thank you and Rubio for what you do. Ya'll are doing is a wonderful thing for high school and college specialists all across the country."
Parent - MS - 2014

"Now that training camp has finally begun, we are really starting to see our sons hard work pay off. We attended 3 of your kicking camps this summer and I am simply amazed at how much he got out of it. He is a whole new kicker - not only in technique, but in his confidence! Thank you so much. Chris Sailer Kicking is the only way to go!"
Parent - CA - 2013

"Sailer, over the years I have been asked repeatedly who provides the best training environment for young kickers/punters?. This question is always easy to answer: Chris Sailer! My son and I always look forward to your camps and competitions. They are simply the best venue for young kickers to develop advanced kicking and competitive skills and to receive academic encouragement and merit-based recognition. How can we ever thank you for the greatest experience?!!!! Thank you Chris“ that's the first of many!"
Parent - 2013

"Once again I was blown away by your camp. This was our first Vegas Event and it was far better than I could have ever expected. From the organization, to the hands on staff, to the level of talent, all the way up to you at the top - all that I can say is FIRST CLASS!!! You and Rubio are in a class of your own when it comes to running specialist camps. If you ever need anyone to write a testimonial on your behalf, please put me first in line."
Parent - NC - 2013

"Chris has been attending other camps for the past 1.5 years, but neither one of us have been pleased. Participating in your camp was a shot in the arm for him! He felt comfortable with the coaches and was able to really relate to several of them. I saw a renewed enthusiasm and confidence reflected in his performance at the Sailer camp, so.. thank you! He is so honored to be recognized as a Top 12 in your program, Chris. We look forward to working with you and your staff in the future!"
Parent - 2013

"Chris, I can't say enough good things about your Camp this past Sunday. As a parent who traveled 2000 miles to find the best, you went well beyond my expectations. As for my son, well, he was incredibly nervous entering your Camp (as his warm-up kicks indicated) and as a first-year kicker, a 16 year-old, most likely the only Iowan, and a newbie among such a talented pool, he was a little awe struck. But you and your staff kept it professional and offered fantastic instruction and spot on analysis. He had a lot of success (relative to the State ofIowa) and really wants to kick at the next level. As such, we will be seeing you in future Camps. As a former college soccer player, current High School and Club coach, your professionalism, organization and instruction places you at the leading edge of this discipline. Well done!"
Parent (IA) - 2013

"Chris, last week on my son's Spring Break we had the opportunity to visit a variety of colleges on the East Coast. Prior to the visits we emailed Coaches letting them know we were coming & taking tours, obviously everything was unofficial. We had 4 D1 visits & 1 D1AA. Each Coach asked my son if he had a 3rd party evaluation & did he have a CSK ranking - I kid you not. The D1 schools all said CSK was their #1 evaluator & 3 out of 4 showed my son that they had Chris Sailer on speed dial on their cell phone (we didn't ask, they just did it once we said we were a CSK kicker). As you pointed out in 1 of your seminars for parents; these coaches move around 2 out of 4 we met were new Special Teams Coaches at these Universities this year. They rely on CSK for the unbiased evaluation. I also wanted to pass along that when the Coaches asked if he was ranked as a CSK kicker he was very proud mentioning his CSK ranking, accolades, etc.... CSK rankings really do go a long way! Congrats Coach; your reputation is probably bigger than you know - very impressive & well earned."
Parent - CA - 2013

"I want to congratulate Ty Cummings for his major accomplishment! Please let him know that our family is very excited for him. I also want you to know how thankful our family is for all that you have done for our son. Because of your training, caring, and reputation, many athletes are able to realize a future that wouldn't have been possible without you. Thanks again and see you in Vegas."
Parent - NV - 2013

"Chris, Thank-you for an awesome camp in Atlanta. Our son had a great experience and you personally had a great deal to do with it. From the special jersey you gave him to the technical feedback provided and just the whole experience (from hearing about Face-book no no's to watching kickers from all over the SE) will be one that he won't ever forget. We all want our kids to be happy and beyond him being just ecstatic, on the drive back to Alabama he said Dad, this is where I am supposed to be, this is what I am supposed to do, and I just know I am meant to be kicker. Time will obviously be the true tell tail and this is coming from him and not me. Again, I just wanted to say Thank-you Chris for allowing Will to not only come to the camp but to participate, he had the time of his life and I am sure will never forget it."
Parent - AL - 2013

"Hey, thanks for the training, the life lessons & advice. You & Rubio are the best! I played college soccer many moons ago. Point is; I have no clue about football recruiting - zippo. It's a different animal, these special teams coaches at Universities change like I do underwear. Living the dream: just went thru 3 new coaching changes that previous colleges were interested in my son. Point is: every new coaching staff has Chris Sailer and Rubio on speed dial. VEGAS! See you there!"
Parent - CA - Class of 2013

"If the prep camp is any indication of the Las Vegas Event, my son and I can't wait. I was so impressed with your entire organization from top to bottom. By far the best camp that we have ever been to. Can't wait until next weekend! See you there...."
Parent - CA - 2013

"We appreciate your work and instruction you have given our son over the last four years. He has a great deal of respect and admiration for you and your skill as an instructor. He has worked hard to improve his abilities and implement your methods. Being a student of Chris Sailer Kicking has paid off as he experienced great high school career with a high number of touch backs and an incredible accuracy for PATs and field goals along with being recognized as an all area kicker. It has been an honor to have our son involved with a quality organization like Chris Sailer Kicking. As parents we believe the support, inspiration, and direction you have provided him will influence him for many years, and for that we are grateful!
Parent (NC) - 2013

"A week later, our world is still humming with excitement from the 11th Annual Vegas Event. When I presented the question to you and Rubio 2 years ago "what will we wished we had done now next year and after?" Your response was immediate and frank: attend Vegas. You were right. I must encourage all prospective athlete's and their parents to attend this prestigious competition as soon as possible. Trust me folks, this is the most important Event in the world of Kicking and Long Snapping.We attended the 10th Annual in 2012 to get the feel and taste of what the best in the nation bring to the table. While I was in awe last year, we came more prepared and knew what to expect this year. You and your amazing staff were instructive, professional, and just downright fun to be in the company of. Your ability to manage time and space is remarkable. The pro demonstration was the icing on the cake. No where else can we get on the hashes and enjoy the best at their trade.We have participated in other events, and they cannot be compared to Chris Sailer Kicking. The exposure you get these athletes is incredible. We had not even gotten off the flight home the next day and had invites to attend local D1 colleges, recruiters interested in profiles, etc. The "Top 12" designation is opening doors as you said it would.Without a doubt, you guys are the best in the business. Thank you both for what you do for young men with dreams"
Parent - NC - 2013

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help in improving my kicking. I took your advice from the film at the Charlotte Nike Camp and worked hard over the fall to improve and fix my errors. I felt like this definitely showed in Vegas especially on my kickoffs. I realize how important mechanics are to being a great kicker, and will continue to improve until the next Nike Camp in April."
Kicker SC - 2013

"I probably don't need to tell you that our son was pretty excited about the move up in the rankings. He was very determined to kick off of the ground in Vegas. We were a little hesitant about it because we were confident about his performance if he went off of the 1", but the ground is a newer skill he is trying to master. But it was Jackson's decision to make, and he feels that if he wants to kick in college he needs to take off the training wheels. I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate the fact that you evaluate the whole player. I know results are important, but you also clearly look at technique and encourage kids who are looking to grow in the sport. I don't know of any other evaluator who does that. You have a great team around you too. He got a lot out of the coaches that worked with him in Vegas."
Parent NC - 2013

"Chris, I wanted to send you a quick note to say how much we have enjoyed being a part of your extended organization. Although, our son was really disappointed in his performance, he is pushing himself and working hard to prepare for College. He is a hard worker and driven to attain his goals. We really appreciate your support and hope to see you again in the future. As a professional, I must say I am very impressed with your organization and your skills in all forms of social media. You have a great team of people and our family remains a big fame of your impact on the kicking & snapping world."
Parent TX - 2013

"Chris, It looked like you had a great group of young men and staff, including some great competition in Vegas again. We appreciate your work and instruction for our son over the last four years. He has a great deal of respect and admiration for you and your skill as an instructor. He has worked hard to improve his abilities and implement your methods. Being a student of Chris Sailer Kicking has paid off as he experienced great high school career with a high number of touch backs and an incredible accuracy for PATs and field goals along with being recognized as an all area kicker. Again it has been an honor to have Taylor involved with a quality organization like Chris Sailer Kicking. As parents we believe the support, inspiration, and direction you have provided Taylor will influence him for many years, and for that we are grateful!
Parent NC - 2013

"Chris, just wanted to thank you for a great day yesterday. Your camp is exceptionally run and very helpful to the boys. Our son got a lot out of it and looks forward to attending more camps in the future."
Parent - CA - 2013

"Chris, the camp this past weekend in Dallas was quite simply impressive on every level. We had heard to so many great things about Chris Sailer Kicking, but still weren't quite sure what to expect. You matched and exceeded our expectations in every aspect.Even though my son is just a freshman, Chris Sailer Kicking will be our only camp stop from now on. You are the best at what you do. Thanks again!
Parent - TX - 2013

"Thank you so much for all that you do for these boys. The instruction, exposure, and overall dedication is simply amazing. We tell everyone that we know that Chris Sailer Kicking is the only way to go. There is no doubt you are the best at what you do. Can't wait to see what the coming years have in store, and we know we will be sharing them with you!"
Parent - TX - 2013

"Our son just signed his national letter of intent to play D1 college football on full scholarship. Although we know it was his abilities that earned the scholarship, we know it was your instruction, guidance, and connections that ultimately landed him the scholarship. Now the next phase of his career begins and we can't wait to go through that step with you at our side"
Parent - CA - 2013

"Chris, I want to let you know that unfortunately we have attended several "other" camps before we made it to your camp here in IL. What a mistake. Your camp, organization, and expertise in every area far outshines any of the "others". Chris Sailer Kicking for life. Or as my son writes on Twitter #teamsailer See you in Las Vegas! Cannot wait!"
Parent - IL - 2013

"Sailer, every week I get phone calls from countless so called kicking coaches, I don't answer them. I want you to know that Chris Sailer is the only one that I listen to when it comes to finding a kicker or punter. You are the best and only one in the business as far as I am concerned. Thanks for all that you do."
Coach - 2013

"Chris, I was extremely impressed with your camp this past weekend. I had heard so many great things heading into it, and you exceeded my expectations. I was especially impressed with your film and classroom session. Your knowledge of the game and recruiting process was worth the cost of the camp itself. Thanks again. See you in Las Vegas!" - Parent - NC - 2013 "Chris, I just wanted to thank you everything that you do. Although others will claim that they got our son a scholarship offer, we know it was you that got it done. The coach himself told us so! We are with you to the end and will make sure that everyone knows that."
Parent - 2013

"As a parent and small business owner: Another top-notch professionally run camp Chris. Always on point and on time. CSK is The Best in the Business!"
Parent - NV - 2013

"Chris, over the years as we attended camps across the country, we kept hearing about Vegas. Coming from so far away, it was never easy to get to. But we finally made the time and I have to tell you it was the best choice that we ever made. Your camp is the most professional, well run, organized camp with the highest level of competition that I have ever seen. Add to that the absolutely amazing dedicated staff that you have and the experienced is unmatched. I want to thank you for the individual time that you spent with my son as well. You are the best in the business. And I was also very impressed with what your partner Rubio does with the Long Snappers. Please use this as a testimonial, you deserve it"
Parent - TN - 2013

"Sailer, I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know that what you do both on the field and behind the scenes for these kids is remarkable. My son would not be in the position he is in today without you. You go above and beyond and we wanted you to know that we appreciate it. We are Team Sailer for life!"
Parent - IL - 2013

"Hi Chris, we just recently attended your college camp. This was our first experience with you. I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. We will be seeing a lot of you and your staff over the next couple of years. We are sold on everything that you do and stand for. Thank you!"
Parent - LA - 2013

"Coach Sailer, My son and husband have not returned from Vegas yet, but I want to personally thank you. They have only spoken good things about the kicking event. He was disappointed that he did not do better than he did, but he was glad to see the kind of competition that is out there. He now knows what he needs to work on to improve. I want to thank you for the personal time that you took with them. So often you go to camps, etc. and never even see the guy the camp is named after. As a mother, it means a lot when your kid doesn't do as well as he had hope, but tells you that it was a great experience and that he learned a lot. And you know, when mama is happy everyone is happy. Also, my husband said that the recruiting meeting and the nutritional seminar was very informative. He had planned on just sending our son to that, but said that he was very happy that he went also. He said he learned a lot. So with all this said, I thank you for a wonderful experience and hope that we are able to make it to some of your camps a little closer to home in the upcoming months."
Parent - LA - 2013

"It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and having our son work with you this past week at several college camps. Everything that we had heard about you and your program was true and then some. We can't wait to be a part of TeamSailer. See you later this summer and in Las Vegas in January!"
Parent - TX - 2013

"We have heard time and time again from college coaches that Chris Sailer is the best in the business. I now fully understand why after this weekend. You will be seeing a lot of my son and the family over the next few years. I was impressed beyond belief. Thank you for what you do. We cannot wait to be a part of it."
Parent - OR - 2013

"The "TOP 12" camp was everything that it was said to be and more. It was by far the best camp that I have ever attended and probably will ever attend. The competition and instruction was amazing, but the lifelong friendships that I made and the overall experience that I gained will stay with me forever. I already miss everyone. Thanks again Chris. TeamSailer for life. You are the best in the business for so many reasons.
Kicker - 2013

"Thanks for inviting our son to this past weekends event. When we got home after the 1st day, I mentioned to him that I liked his new CSK "invite-only" shirt and he responded with "yeah, its cool, but I want a YELLOW one!" I think the competition reminded him that there are a lot of good kickers out there and he needs to continue practicing and work on his form. In addition to all the training/instruction the boys received on the field, thanks for reminding them that character and integrity are just as important. After all, they all will be gentlemen a lot longer than they will be football players."
Parent - CA - 2013

"Chris, thanks so much for the camp. I have attended other well known camps and all that I kept hearing about was your camp. I have to say, your camps are BY FAR the best. I am #TEAMSAILER for life now. Can't wait!"
Kicker - CA - 2013

"Chris, Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks! I have been traveling for the 2 years with my son to several camps, ..... , ..... , ..... , ..... , just to name a few. At lunch the other day he said thanks dad, I've learned more here in half a day than all the other camps combined. Can we come back soon. He has never said anything like that before. A true testament to the quality camp you and your staff run. Thanks, we are already planning for our next Sailer camp."
Parent - GA - 2013

"Chris I just wanted to thank you again for all the hard work and dedication in working with my son. He has made huge strides during fall camp thanks to your instruction and guidance. And it showed during Week 1 of the season. He was awarded Player of the Game! See you this fall and of course in Las Vegas in January!"
Parent - GA - 2013

"Every single college that we visited this summer was impressed when we mentioned that we work with Chris Sailer Kicking. You are by far the most trusted kicking coach in the world. We are so thankful that we made the choice to work exclusively with your program. It is paying off big time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Parent - CA - 2013

"Hey Chris! WOW, you have to be so proud with how many of your former guys are now in the NFL kicking sooooooooo well!!!! It has to be very gratifying! Listen, I am a sports photographer here in Austin shooting mainly at the high school level, and because of Justin, I get ALOT of people wanting to know "what we did" to get him moved along in his dream of being in the NFL...........a lot! Just wanted to let you know that I am recommending your camps to everyone...not only to the kickers and punters, but to the guys who have dreams of long snapping too. Congrats on your successful kicking camp career!!!! I will keep referring folks to you because there is little to NO instruction for the special teams at either the HS or college levels. Your camps fit the bill..........." - Michelle Tucker (Justin Tucker - Baltimore Ravens)
Parent - TX - 2013

"Chris, yesterday's camp was an eye opener. You are a very clear, honest, talented and passionate instructor. The camp was also well organized and you used the time extremely efficiently. I can see why your camps are so highly regarded"
Parent - CA - 2013

"Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful experience this past weekend in New York. Your talent as a coach and speaker is simply top notch. Both my son and us as parents came away from the camp with ten times more than we ever expected. You will be seeing a lot of us over the next several years. We loved it"
Parent - NY - 2013

"Chris, I just wanted to reach out to thank you once again for all that you have done for our son and our family. Although you are a great coach on the field, what has been even more valuable to us is the lessons taught off the field. I must say, the Underclassmen Camp this past summer taught us so many valuable lessons that we now are using on a daily basis. Our son is having a great season and the recruiting is really starting to pick up. Thanks again and see you in Las Vegas!!!"
Parent - CA - 2013

"Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks! I have been traveling for the 2 years with my son to several camps...., ...., ...., and .... just to name a few. At lunch the other day he said thanks dad, I've learned more here in half a day than all the other camps combined. Can we come back soon. He has never said anything like that before. A true testament to the quality camp you and your staff run. Thanks, we are already planning for our next Sailer camp."
Parent - OK - 2013

"Our family is forever thankful for all that you have done for us. Your instruction, camps, guidance and honesty have made college football a reality for our son. I will recommend Chris Sailer Kicking to anyone that will listen as your program is by far superior to any other out there. Looking forward to many more years working with you."
Parent - 2013

"Chris, just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you. Our son isn't the best kicker in the nation, but you still went out of your way to give him a great camp experience this summer. You instilled a confidence in him that has payed off big time this year. He has had an outstanding season and has helped his team win several games! Thanks for everything. See you in Las Vegas!"
Parent - GA - 2013

"Hey Chris, I wanted to personally say thank you for an outstanding Camp yesterday in Dallas and for that reason alone we will be signing up for the Vegas Camp. You guys are phenomenal instructors (coaches) and roll models for these boys. Thanks again, See you in Vegas!
Parent - TX - 2013

"Chris, we are so excited for the upcoming year. After a great camp in TX, we look forward to Vegas in January & May. And of course all the camps in between. We will also be attending the FBU camps for the shot at the US Army All-American Bowl. Thanks again for all that you do. You are the best in the business without a doubt!"
Parent - TX - 2013

"Chris we are so excited about our son's kicking future thanks to your camp this past weekend. He learned so much and I believe that we as parents may have learned even more. You do an amazing job of teaching, educating, and motivating. See you in Las Vegas!
Parent - IL - 2013

My son was energized by the level of competition and came away saying "we're coming back!"
Parent CA - 2012

Chris - My son and I attended your National Kicking Event this past January in Las Vegas and were blown away with the experience!
Parent - 2012

"Chris, we learned more at your recent camp then we have learned at 10 of your competitors camps combined. Your organization is in a class of its own. Thanks for doing what you do and providing these boys with a wonderful opportunity. We are with Chris Sailer Kicking and Chris Sailer Kicking ONLY for life!"
Parent - TX - 2012

"As I have said in the past your lessons are very good but your ability to surround your kicking prospects with positive knowledge, solid role models and the ensuing inspiration they provide is really great. Well done!"
Parent - CA - 2012

"Chris,I saw the article in the LA Times highlighting the national high school kicker of the year will receive an award named in your honor. Congratulations to you. This is really a great honor for you and for Notre Dame! Thanks, too, for all your continuing work with our kickers. They are always one of the most solid and dependable pieces of our football teams. Congratulations again."
President Notre Dame HS - 2012

"Chris, thanks for all that you have done for specialists over the years. The High School Placekicker of the Year Award couldn't have been named after a better player, teacher, and role model. I hope that one day the honor of winning the award goes to one of our kickers!"
HS Coach (NC) - 2012

"Thanks for all the help you have given our son the past 4 years and for the efforts you have made for kickers in general. You have definitely made a big impact on the elevation of kicking at all levels and you keep finding a way to raise the bar another notch. The Herbalife 24 Award will take the recognition of high school kickers and snappers up to a very high level."
Parent - AZ - 2012

"It was a privilege to see Alex participate in such a well organized competition, and wonderfully orchestrated award weekend and ceremony.I would like to congratulate both you and Chris Rubio on running such an outstanding program, and for the support, confidence and much needed visibility you give kickers and snappers across the nation. Your business is in excellent health, and will be a success for many years to come. A recipe that includes your hands on involvement throughout each camp, event and communication will differentiate you from those that attempt to replicate your unique program. Please accept our thanks both to you and the entire Sailor and Rubio families, and to the Herbalife team for an awesome experience."
Parent - 2012

"Thanks for everything coach. Our son is in heaven right now about being invited to the event elite and is so excited for the camp - as I am sure all of the athletes are. I am a teacher and I am impressed with the tremendous way you work with all of these boys. It is remarkable how you challenge and motivate them to strive for excellence on the field, in the classroom, and in their character. The little details and reminders you tell them go a long way. As a mother, I feel my son is in good hands and is with an extremely positive role model."
Parent - TX - 2012

"It was an absolute pleasure meeting you this past weekend at LSU. I had heard so many great things about your program and yet you still over exceeded my expectations. Your knowledge of the game and the respect college coaches give you is second to none. Thanks for giving my son the best camp experience he has had to date!"
Parent LA, 2012

"Chris, In the last month, our son has met 4 of your students, past and present and ALL of them have been excited when talking about your training. One even met him at the field to kick with him when he visited home last week. What a great gesture that was. We just left the Cal Camp and met 2 of your kickers, I have to say, both parents were so positive when talking about your program, even for a young guy like mine. Our son is looking forward to meeting you and to put a face to the name he keeps hearing about."
Parent OR, 2012

"Chris, It was really cool yesterday to see Joe, Jay and Michael laughing together and supporting each other at a non Sailer camp (college camp) - individuals competing but also some type of "Sailer bond" bringing them together. Thank you!"
Parent CA, 2012

"Chris, thank you so much for your instruction and exposure to college coaches. You have gotten me where I am today and just put me in position to get my first D1 offer. Chris Sailer Kicking for LIFE!!!"
Kicker NC - 2012

"Chris, Thank you so much for your support of Aidan and your continued encouragement, advisement and consideration. We so appreciate everything you do and your notable communication/mentoring skills."
Parent CA - 2012

"Chris, My husband and I are so impressed with your organization and your commitment to these boys. BAs X-athletes ourselves, we love it when we see class organizations, such as yours, that really promotes and educated the athletes on the requirements and how to prepare for college recruiting. Your reputation speaks for itself and its exciting to see all these Division 1 schools support you with such confidence. We feel privileged to have our son be a part of your extended organization. He really looks up to you. You are amazing!"
Parent TX - 2012

"Wow. What a weekend to remember. This was the best camp of any type anywhere we have attended. The informational seminars were of great value to us all, particularly Terry Crosby's take on social media. The timeline and the team that you suggest be put in play parallel the business plan our son has been working on this last year. You have reinforced what he is after and how to get there. As for our son, I cannot express enough gratitude for what you have been and continue to do for him. This journey with football has been a life changing experience for him and our family. Besides the joy of the game, the character development, and overall maturity this is bringing him, it has been just plain fun. His leg is taking us places we would have never been otherwise."
Parent NC - 2012

"My son just came home and said - That was the most awesome kicking camp ever - I also had soooo much fun! As parents; when you send your kid to a camp - no matter if it's 5th grade science, 7th grade oceanography or a sports camp....parents want a great experience for their kid (learn & have fun helps). Being invited to a camp of this magnitude, to learn from the best & have an absolute blast - does it get any better?! Seeing my son with an expression & talk with the excitement like we just picked him up from his 1st trip to Disneyland – absolutely priceless!. He totally dug the entire learning & bonding experience - totally!"
Parent CA - 2012

"Chris, I wanted to thank you for your camp yesterday. I came with my son to the camp in Downers Grove yesterday. He found the camp to be excellent. He said the help you and the team provided will make him a much better kicker and punter. The tips he received from you will help him on Friday night! I was impressed with how the camp was run and the individual instruction each athlete received from you and your team." Parent - IN - 2012 "Your camps, coaching, and personal mentoring are simply amazing. You guys are the best in the business without a doubt. My son is off to a great start to the season and we owe it all to you. Thank you so much for all that you do for these boys. Great great job!!!"
Parent OH, 2012

"I just wanted to thank you again for the tremendous impact that you have had on my son. As a freshman I took him to several different kicking camps. Now as a junior, we are Chris Sailer Kicking loyal for life. There is no one in this business that can do half of what you do. If you ever need a testimonial, please don't hesitate to ask. Parents of kickers and punters need to know where to invest their time and money. Chris Sailer Kicking is the only way to go!"
Parent - CA - 2012

"Hey Chris, thanks again for all of your help. You deliver exactly what you promise. Thanks to you my son just committed to a D1 scholarship. We went to several camps that are listing the commitment, but YOU are the one that set up the exposure and contacts, make no mistake about it. I will let the specialist world know exactly who the best is! Thanks Chris #TeamSailer!"
Parent - 2012

"It was an absolute pleasure for my son, wife, and I to attend your recent camp in Georgia. I am so thankful that we made the choice to travel to a Chris Sailer Kicking Camp. We had heard so much about your program but had not been able to make it prior. Everything that we heard was true. You are the clear cut #1 kicking camp in the nation. We will be back many times no matter what it takes!"
Parent - 2012

"Prior to the Dallas event I ordered a supplement for my son (Class of 2014) at the recommendation of a trusted chiropractor..."all my athletes use this stuff". It arrived last night and because of the Herballife 24 presentation your team did at the event, I decided to call the manufacturer to check the ingredients vs. banned substances. I couldn't believe what I did in fact contain DHEA, a banned substance! My first call was to the Dr. and jam him for potentially putting our son at serious risk of failing a test. My second call is to Herballife. Thank you for taking the time to do things right!"
Parent - TX - 2012

"Hi Chris. Our son had a great season. In one of the early play-off games he learned what it's like to miss and then have to go back out two minutes later to kick again at a key moment and succeed under pressure. He also kicked the game winner in the quarter final play-off game for a 3-0 win. And, in the state championship game he kicked a field goal at the University of Illinois stadium to seal a 10-8 victory for his team. The outcome may have been very different without the training, counseling and mentoring from you and the broader Chris Sailer community. Chris Nendick and Joe Houston have also provided a tremendous amount of guidance and support, which is sincerely appreciated."
Parent - IL - 2012

"I am so impressed for what you do for all these boys. It is obvious that you really do care for each and every one of them. Everyone knows that you are a great coach on the field, what they might not know is the time and effort you commit to each kid off the field. We are blessed to have you as a mentor in our sons life. Thanks so much for the amazing job that you do. Chris Sailer Kicking is simply the best!"
Parent - CA - 2012

"Chris, it was an honor to be a part of the Semper Fidelis All-American Game. Thank you so much for the selection and opportunity. I will never forget the experience for as long as I live. As always, Chris Sailer Kicking is the best in the business!"
Kicker - 2012

Chris, Thanks for hosting such a high-level, professional class, and well run kicking event this past weekend at UNLV in Las Vegas. This national event was well-planned, structured, and highly organized. Your efficiency in keeping all the skills training, informational/educational events, and competitions right on track and on time with such a large group of kickers, punters, and long-snappers (more than 300 in total) was extraordinary. Please accept and pass along our highest compliments to you and your talented staff of current or retired special teams athletes who have all kicked and/or punted at a high level (College / Professional) and to all of your administrative assistants who helped make the Chris Sailer 8th Annual National Event such a great experience for all of the athlete participants.
Parent, NC

Chris- I've been to a lot of camps, and I have to tell you that your 8th Annual Event in Las Vegas is one of the best-run I've ever attended. Check-in was quick and effortless; events began at their posted times; college staff developed great rapport with each of the participants, and you were accessible to answer any questions. The fact that YOU were actually charting and snapping speaks volumes!! Kids and parents alike respect you and the reason is work hands-on with these players and they know they're getting the best!
Parent, CA

Chris- "I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all of your help over the years. Going through the recruiting process again isn't very easy and especially with two years of eligibility used up, but your advice has been really helpful throughout. I gained a lot of respect for you back in high school, where although I couldn't make it out to one of your camps, you still took the time to watch and evaluate my kicking/punting film. I really appreciate someone that busy that takes the time out to help when a paycheck isn't even involved. Also, thanks for Vegas. I look forward to keeping in contact with you and watch out for me over these next couple of years, I'm going to make a name for myself."
Kicker NJ

Chris,Just a quick note to say thanks for all your hard work putting on the Vegas camp. My son had a great time and really improved his punting. It's obviously a good experience for him to punt in a pressure situation like this. Your staff from the coaches, college, pro players, check in desk folks etc... were all great to work with. I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into making a weekend like this a success. Thanks again. We look forward to May's camp (and a few LA trips between now and then).
Parent, CA

Chris, Just wanted to commend you on an amazing event this past weekend. This was our first National Kicking Event and while we've attended many major events in different sports and in different countries I've never seen anything put together so professionally and with such a degree of personal attention. I know you had a great staff of organizers and coaches ..but the most impressive thing of the whole weekend was the personal attention you gave to every single participant knew their name, where they came from, how they performed and had little bits of advice & encouragement for everyone. You have really created something special ..which is much more than a great business model !
Parent, CA

Chris, Congratulations on the biggest ever kicking event. I am glad that I was a part of it. It was great to see you and the rest of the guys. You do not realize it until you are there how important you and your coaches are to what I am trying to accomplish. Thank you for all of your advice and help. I think I did pretty well, and I am proud of that, but I know in my heart that I could have done better. It drove home to me that I really need to be associated with a program where I can grow. I am thankful that I have always had CSK to be there for me. You guys are the best!
CSK Student

Chris- "You are the very best in the business. In fact, it is not even close. Your instruction, attention to detail, organization, post camp evaluation & exposure is first class. I will tell anyone that if they want the best, they have to go to Sailer. Please put this on your testimonials page. You deserve it".
Parent IL

Chris- "I hesitated to attend your camp since you are far away from us seeing that we are on the east coast. Making the investment to attend the NC camp was the best choice I have ever made. Your camps are FAR SUPERIOR to any other camp that we have attended. We've been to many. I will never attend any other camp again. I also spoke to many parents at the camp. And every one felt the same. I heard amazing things about Vegas. WE ARE COMING. We can't wait. See you there!
Parent NY - 2010

Chris- "FYI. My son talks about nothing except kicking footballs and hitting baseballs. He can't wait to get back. Thanks a million for all you guys have done for him. He has benefited tremendously as a player and as a person from your positive coaching and support."
Parent, TX

Chris, "Merry Christmas to you and your family. What you do is very special and appreciated. You have opened doors and created opportunities for my son that we both never even really considered before attending one of your events. He received his 10th offer last night to play college football and that is just unbelievable (5 full-rides - Div 1 & D2, 1 Ivy, 2 D1AA ½ rides, and 2 walk-on offers at major D1 programs). Your advice works! Thanks again for the positive impact you made on my son's life"!
Parent, TX

Chris- "Thank You, Thank You, Thank you for everything you have done for my son throughout his high school career! Without you these kickers wouldn't have gotten the recognition or attention they rightfully deserve. You have been an instrumental part of this process and we are extremely grateful for you and your service to these kids"!
Parent, AZ

Chris- Thanks for your positive feedback and comments on my son. He really enjoyed the CSK camp in NJ. It meant a lot to him that you came East to host a CSK camp. My son has worked very hard to improve. He kicked everyday all summer at RPI and worked out with a personal trainer to continue to strengthen his leg. He was pleased with his KOs. Your feedback and kicking drills have really helped. Thanks. You and Chris have done a superb job training these young men with positive feedback and direct comments. You have clearly assisted many talented kickers to further improve their skills. Thank you for all your time and effort and commitment. Hope to see you in NJ next year.
Parent, NJ

Chris- It was a pleasure to meet you and for my son to have benefit of your training. He was very excited about what he learned and has worked to apply it immediately. We watched highlights of games this weekend with even greater appreciation. He is now signed up for both sessions in Vegas. He is looking forward to improving and learning more. I also appreciate very much your inclusion of the recruiting process information. With it being now complicated than ever, expert guidance is a necessity. We look forward to seeing you over the next four years -- and beyond. Again, thank you. Best wishes.
Parent, NC

Chris- A brief note to say "thank you" for a great CSK camp in New Jersey. We were thrilled that you hosted a camp in the East. Your dedication to detail and ability to communicate with these talented young men in a positive manner helps build their confidence and their commitment to be the best. Thanks again for taking the time to host a CSK camp in New Jersey. See you in Vegas.
Parent, NJ

Chris-Basking in the glow of a tough UCLA win today on national T.V. that included good performances by both the kicker and punter, while watching punters and kickers we know from all over the country shine in their games, and one night after our youngest son had his best night as a high school punter, it struck me that we haven't thanked you enough for all you and your staff do and have done for these boys. Thank-you.
Parent, AZ

Chris- Two weeks into the season and we couldn't ask for a better start to a college career. Thanks for you help and support over the past 4 years Chris. Without you guys this would not be happening. Pass the news to Nacho!
Parent, OK

Chris- Just wanted to let you know our son is home safe and sound. He had such a great time and we can't think Nacho enough for picking him up from the airport. In these past few years, our son has developed life-long friendships and the experience that he has gained from competing in your camps has been incredible. We had so much fun these past few days following our son and his friends on Twitter. It was an unbelievable Top 12 camp...thank you Chris for the memories that you have given our son that he will treasure forever. He has learned so much from you and your awesome staff that he will be able to apply in all facets of his life. All the best to you and your dear family.
Parent, AL

Chris- Thanks so much for this amazing camp. I enjoyed every part of it. I had so much fun hanging out with the top guys as well as compete with them. There is nothing better than that. I truly thought that the best kickers/punters were at the camp. I thought you did a wonderful job and it was done very well.
CSK Student

Chris- I want to thank you for the wonderful job you do with all the boys. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for what you have done for my son. Saturday at LSU was a chance for him to shine & he didn't. You are such an advocate for kickers, so I regret not knowing of you sooner and having him under your tutelage sooner. I meet a parent today of a kicker from NC & encouraged her to get him to you soon. I can only hope she acts quickly. We traveled to Vanderbilt after leaving LSU & my son kicked for the coaches today. He was at ease and did extremely well. Coach met with him and he meet with a baseball coach. They told him he was being highly considered. I know each school will make a decision based on what is best for their school. You are by far the most highly respected kicking authority in the country, so your advice is important to me."
Parent, GA

Chris- My nephew recently returned to S.C. from your kicking camp held in Atlanta with high praise for you and your excellent staff of instructors. He told me that he learned more about kicking in one day at your camp than he had learned in all the other camps combined. Thanks to you, we are excited that my nephew is now better prepared to compete at a higher level in his upcoming Senior season at Belton-Honea Path High School Division AAA. Please come back to this part of the country soon!
Parent, SC

Chris- "Thanks again for the quick reply. We appreciate your kind words about our son. You have no idea how much we appreciate you and what you do for kickers and punters. Your work provides opportunities for these young men that did not exist previously. Your work shows them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I truly believe that is why they work so hard to achieve because they know that the opportunities are real. Hope your travels are safe and enjoyable. We will keep you posted."
Parent, LA

Chris- "We want to thank you for all you do for our son and the rest of your team that you have. All your information you have sent us has been extremely helpful in the college recruiting process and I know you only have great intentions for all your players. This takes a lot of your time and you are a class act when it comes to the finishing touch on these kids that are moving on to go to college. We have been extremely pleased with the coaching from you and Nacho and look forward to continuing with you throughout the years. You know how to do things the right way and we appreciate it very much. What ever happens to our son, we know that he has been taught by the best and learned by the best. We are so grateful to have you so close and to have the ability to spend as much time as we have with you. You have always been one to follow through with phone calls immediately and you have always been extremely honest with Joe and us. Thank you so much for being a man of integrity! Not many around these days with those kinds of qualities".
Parent, CA

Chris- "I wanted to thank you for everything you did for my son to help him achieve his dream of earning a punting scholarship. Ours was a long and interesting journey that did not always go as we planned but it sure turned out perfectly. Coming from a small town in northern California we're not exactly on the radar screen of major colleges, but CSK camps and events allowed him overcome that disadvantage by giving him the opportunity to compete against (and be compared to) virtually every serious punter and kicker in the nation. Most importantly he earned a spot on THE LIST that every special teams coach in America respects.CSK gives much more than field instruction. You and your staff give great advice too; like making yourself attractive to college coaches by becoming balanced in the in the class room, weight room and on the field. My son worked extremely hard every day and his strength in all three areas was definitely a key to his success. You also advised him to do everything possible to promote himself to colleges and make a quality highlight film, which was the first thing every coach/recruiter wanted to see. Over the past few years we certainly have learned a bunch about kicking/punting and college scholarships. There is a lot of hard work involved. So now that my youngest son has decided to follow in his brother's footsteps, the FIRST thing we will do to get him prepared is sign him up for the next Chris Sailer Event. See you there.
Parent, CA

Chris- I am sure you get hundreds of these type of emails but we wanted to extend our sincere thanks. Our son attended the Spring Prep camp last weekend and we have been thrilled with the experience for him. We are from Washington so it was a big investment for us and in the end we felt worth every bit. Kurt (my husband) went with him and enjoyed watching both days and was in awe of the instruction he was getting. Our son only being a high school freshman and not being around that level of play before was very overwhelmed the first day but by day two and with the help from the UCLA punter, he felt like a different person when he left. I am drawing a blank on the name of the punter that was working with our son and because he isn't here right now I cant get the name but will you please pass on to him that the time he took to work with and take an interest in our son has done some amazing things for him. Kurt and I would like him to know that he positively touched a life in more ways than he may ever know! Our son spent over an hour and a half last evening working on the drills kicking/punting. He is already setting money aside to get back to another one of your camps. He has always been a kid with a huge heart and very high standards for himself so having the instruction he got down there to pursue his goals is like the final piece of the puzzle for him. Now he knows it is a matter of just putting the time in! Your knowledge, instruction and compliments gave my son an outstanding base to work from.
Parent, WA

Chris- Just wanted to let you know what a great experience my son had at your camp this last weekend. It was not only a great chance to get some tremendous instruction but also compete against quality competition in pressure situations. Thank you, for taking the extra time to point out ways that he could improve, especially his hang time. Because of what he learned at this event, he will set new goals and work very hard over the summer to become a better punter.My son and I were talking about when I was his age we didn't have these types of camps where instruction and competition were available at such a high level. Once again, thanks to you and your staff for a great camp. I am sure that the experience has boosted Weston's confidence and will prove to be very beneficial in his development towards becoming a quality D-1 punter.
Parent, LA

Chris- Just a quick note to sincerely thank you for your efforts! It is quite amazing to us how you have developed such a world-class, professional camp filled with integrity and respect. Others have tried to create similar opportunities, but you have definitely succeeded. Indicative of this is your ability to enlist the top kickers in the college and professional ranks as staff members of your camps. Their valuable insight, numerous opportunities for one-on-one instruction and their enthusiasm create a fabulous learning environment. What an incredible experience it has been for our son to get the top level instruction from not only you, but a whole assortment of top kickers. Under your guidance, our son's kicking abilities have reached the upper echelon and he has become a mature and self confident kicker. We thank you for your invaluable part in that process.
Parent, CA

Chris- Just wanted to thank you for yesterdays lesson and the time that you took with my son, esp. as it was his first session with you. He was very excited (and a more than a little nervous) before the lesson, but after we came home, insisted on going to the high school and implementing your tips. We look forward to spending more time with you not just in the near future, but over the next 3 years of high school.
Parent, TX

Chris- You really put on a great competition in Vegas. My son and I want to thank you for your support there and in January. We just wish he would have been healthy in January. You and your staff are first class all the way.
Parent, CA

Chris- This is the first "non Sailer" camp we have attended and it is nothing like yours. I know our son is spoiled because he sees you often, but even comparing this camp to your "regional" or "national" ones, there is no comparison! First, you have more structure. Schedule, set times, location etc. Parents and athletes know what to expect. Second, you are hands on in the training/instruction/coaching (it is obvious that you get to know the kids) and your color and number scheme is great at helping to segment the athletes.Third, you surround yourself with the very best talent: past, present and future. And these teachers follow your lead and provide great instruction to the athletes. And lastly, your web based approach really keeps the program and participants stay plugged in (and the new Twitter is great). It is a very transparent way to run a nationally recognized program.I know we say this a lot to you, but, Thank You! You are helping to make our son be a better kicker, and more importantly a better person through your leadership.
Parent, CA

Chris-I want to take a moment just to reflect and thank each of you for what you have meant to my son. You have invested time which is the greatest expression of love. You have talked to him about character, overcoming adversity, loving the Lord, acting responsibly, competing, using his gifts, pushing beyond what he thinks is possible, academics, being resilient, and many more passages of life. Parents do not take time to thank you enough for what you build into our children. Your instruction, encouragement, correction, training, and positive example will be in his memory to lean on in tough times and times of decision. He will be different and better by rubbing shoulders with you. -Parent, NC Chris- Our son believes that you're a kicking God (instead of a kicking coach)... you have done so much for so many of these kids. My wife and I have traveled from hospital to hospital (Arizona to Florida) to work with sick or burnt children. Your name and the of your kicking camps keep popping up in conversations throughout America.Maybe our son is right in that you are a kicking God, we definitely believe that your one of his angels. Sorry if we continue to bombard you with e-mails, but Mickey doesn't believe in anyone else - except you... -Parent, TX Chris-As you know, our son committed to UofO today when we got back home from Alabama. I just wanted to take a few minutes to write a few words of appreciation for what you have done for him. From what he has learned from you, both on the field and off, to the exposure that you have given him with D-1 programs, to your discussions with coaches about him, we could not be more grateful. We are very clear that none of this would have happened without you. Thank you for all that you have done. I have been so unbelievably impressed with how you run your program and the tremendous value that it provides to the special teams athletes in the country. You have unbelievable respect from all of the coaches, who share their belief that you are the best at what you do.My son really looks forward to training with you this weekend and continuing to do that throughout his football career. I am so grateful to have you as a role model in his life. I thank you for the opportunity that you have created for him, but also for making him a better athlete, and, most importantly, a better man. -Parent, CA Chris- OK, where do I begin ... how 'bout THANKS, a genuine, heartfelt THANKS. I meant to connect with you in Naperville and greet you with a big bear hug, but as usual, you were giving yourself to the kids until the very end, and I had to bail out to a meeting. Chris, I expect you are aware of the impact you have on these kids ... the direction, the inspiration, the hope and the sometimes the kick in the behind they need to extend themselves. And for the great majority of them life is padded with that impression and they move on with a piece of Chris Sailer in their heart, better men as a result. Then, there are those who are blessed in a way that allows you to give even more ... the few that are fortunate to attract some attention from recruiters. They then see a whole different level of your impact, direction, inspiration and hope. And their lives become enhanced with the thrill of college football and all the life lessons that go along with it. And then there's the parent, appreciating what's happened in a unique way, probably being the most grateful of all. You've been great for my son in so many ways and a wonderful resource for us as we tackled the whole process of recruiting ... rookies as we were. Now, we've landed and we sit back and thank God we had Chris Salier on our side. We likely wouldn't be here without your help.I know I can sell Chris Sailer to anybody. Don't ever hesitate to call on me to help you out or speak on your behalf. -Parent, IL Chris- I have been around football for the past 38 years and have been to some very depressing kicking camps (-, -, -, to name a few). Each of these camps trained to retrain our son, which in turn did more harm than good. When we watched the "Chris Sailer Kicking Instructional DVD by Chris Sailer and Chris Rubio " we saw a kicker "Nacho" who uses the same kicking style as our son. We have just finished watching your video for the seventh time and we are applying a lot of your methods to our kicking ...which by the way has improved our son's kicking and punting. To the three of you, God bless you. Our son is only 14 and kicking 40 yard field goals. Again....thank you! -Parent, TX Chris- Vegas was a tremendous experience for the our family. My son making the "Top Twelve" was an unbelievable accomplishment for him. We look forward to have you work with him as we prepare for college. We will definitely be coming to Top Twelve camp...... He will be there. I believe that you strive to help these athletes and your devotion to what you do really showed. We face many challenges in our family with my son's mom afflicted by MS (multiple sclerosis). She is in motorized wheelchair....but never misses any of his home games regardless of weather, etc.! She made all the sessions in Vegas and had a great time! We were at the noon make up session and set in the balcony. Your answer to my question about the video and packet to send to coaches was exactly what we needed to hear! I am already at work on it. -Parent, NV Chris- I am amazed at how far your strategy has come in 7 years - you may have a business book in you. Keep up the good work as you have found a recipe for success. Your dedication and honesty are improving opportunities for kickers, punters and long snappers. The exposure that occurs at, and from, the CSK events is terrific and unparalleled. Additionally, the exposure and accuracy provided on the CSK website is a virtual and "living" reflection of the talent pool. The site provides college coaches with the ability to evaluate and recruit unlike any other site in this niche market. Thanks for helping athletes, and my son in particular, reach the next level and fulfill their potential. -Parent, CA Chris- Congratulations on developing such a professionally run kicking showcase. My son and I are still new the world of kicking, but your camps last summer and in Las Vegas have given him a strong foundation to build on. As a parent of 4 young athletes, I'm very familiar with soccer and football camps and your showcase far exceeded our expectations. Thanks for making the weekend in Las Vegas so worthwhile and I know my son will be at another Chris Sailer event soon. -Parent, TX Chris- Just a quick note to share how much we enjoyed your January event in Las Vegas. You guys run a world-class operation and we are honored to be "learning from the best". While my son was under the weather and did not have a particularly strong weekend, he took it as a challenge to get even stronger. He clearly has his sights set on being in the Top 5 and has the work ethic to achieve that goal.Thank you again. We look forward to catching back up at the May event or other 2008 class opportunity. -Parent, CA Chris- Just a quick note of thanks for hosting such an explicitly run camp! This was my son's first National Event in Las Vegas and we were very impressed with the organization and "presentation" of your coaches throughout the weekend. You have risen the bar and challenged my son to continue to work hard to become the best he can be at kicking and punting. The parent information meeting was informative and motivating for both my son and me. We are working out details to see if he can return in May. Thanks again, and God bless you for a job well done! -Parent, CA Chris- I wanted you to know from a parents view concerning your camp. I have only been to one as my wife attended the first one but i want to say that your camp is truly impressive. No one including your counselors sugar-coated anything and everyone on your team was committed to hard work, dedication, and! effort as the determining factors as to the kids success. Although my son has been kicking a football only 6 months he has learned some truly great football tips but what he has taken from his camp experiences has been even more important information about lessons of life and his continuation on being the best person he can be. He has been a dream kid for 17 years and i truly believe his affiliation with athletics has molded him to be a success in whatever path he takes. Right now he cant get football out of his mind and if thats his direction i certainly hope it works out for him because he is definitely under no pressure to do anything. He loves it so good for him. But anyways...kudos to your staff for a great weekend and certainly congratulations for you for putting together one of the most organized and informative camps i've ever seen. Tremendous job ! and thanks for your dedication to helping kids become better people as well. As i scroll through your website it is certainly impressive! Continued success in the future and hopefully i can get my son back in your hands! He loves the competition for sure! -Parent, IN Chris- I didn't get a chance to talk with you that much this weekend, but I just want to let you know how much fun I had. Seeing all of the experienced Staff members kick was really cool. I wish you could have seen me kick more than you did because I really feel that I have come a long ways since your last camp. Ever since you told me to keep my eyes back I have noticed a tremendous improvement. Not only this weekend but last weekend as well. Ever since your last camp I have been working on keeping my eyes back throughout the kick and I want to thank you for that, because now I feel that I am truly an elite kicker. My confidence is higher and I feel very confident about my future and owe a lot of it to you.I know I said it before but I can't reiterate it enough...thank you, again! Look forward to seeing you at your next camp. -CSK Student Chris- 4 years ago, I wasn't even on anybody's mailing list to even receive the unofficial visit day letters from colleges. This year, I had the luxury of turning some schools down. Much has changed in the last four years of working with you, and I learned that money isn't the biggest part of what you do. You have managed to help out my family and me financially more than we ever could have imagined. From helping me find a way to get to Vegas, to helping me earn a Full D1 Scholarship, it has made rough times much better for my whole family. I hope one day maybe I can give back the way that you have given back to me, and I look forward to working with you through college as well.
CSK Student, CA

Chris- Congratulations on the BEST camp ever. They keep getting better and better. This camp had great attendance, great participation, great instruction, great organization, great competition. It was GREAT. When the event has great organization, everyone benefits. When the camp runs as smoothly as yours, everyone benefits. When the instructors are so tremendously qualified, everyone benefits. When everyone from the top (you, Chris and Nacho) to the instructors, to the organizers care so much about the kickers, punters and snappers, it creates a great environment. My son had a FANTASTIC experience. This was his third Vegas Camp and he truly loves them. This 7th Annual Event was outstanding. Thank you, Chris; thank you for all your hard work; and, most importantly, thank you for the excellent instruction and for teaching my son certain lessons. We can't wait for the next camp. Hopefully I can convince you to return to Gibbons or South Florida.
Parent, FL

Chris- I have been meaning to send and email since the January Vegas event. I want to thank you and all of your staff. As was our past experience, it was again incredible. Everyone from check-in, college staff, pro staff, Rubio and you make it such a pleasant, fun, competitive, an educational experience. I have a couple of regrets; one is that we did not attend your events earlier in my son's high school years and that we have not been able to attend more of your camps, clinics, or events. We didn't know that he had some kicking skills because his high school does not kick much:) But a coach from another high school saw him practicing and mentioned your events. He had hopes of attending more events but due to our families financial situation and temporarily living in two states we had to pick a few events that he could attend. They have been our best investment!! He not only comes away with confidence, techniques, and knowledge to become a better kicker but also the understanding that his integrity and academic accomplishments are very important. Thank you.......for viewing his film, providing comments, making suggestions, responding to his emails and for the positive, honest encouragement that you have given my son at each of your events!! I asked him after the January event what his dreams and goals were. He stated, "I am still determined to kick at the next level, get my college degree and I would love to come back and work at one of the Chris Sailer Events." I think that explains it all. He is currently working with one of your alum and he is making strides! We hope to see you again soon.
Parent, CA

Chris- I am writing you to thank you for the 3 years of coaching, mentoring, and friendship that you have given us. When my son first started going to your camps he was a good football kicker (like so many), but you didn't even rank him. At that time we did not appreciate your blunt honest directness, but we put our trust in you and we learned to respect your methods. We plugged into your system, asked you questions, paid attention to your suggestions, and heeded your advice. Slowly my son evolved into one of the top kicker/punters in the country and this year received a full ride to a D-1A school (and it is his preferred choice). As with so many parents before me I found your site by browsing the web. I noticed the number of kickers that earned full scholarships and went to prestigious universities. I was encouraged and I picked up the phone and gave you a call. You spoke with me and we signed up for our first training. Geographically the trip was a plane flight, but after one day my son was convinced that he had finally met the kicking coach he was looking for. While I was at the camp I met other parents whose kids were going through the recruiting process and getting offers. I too knew we had met the right coach. I also learned that you are the source for college coaches looking for kickers, punters and Chris Rubio is the source for long snappers. Camps are always well run without a wasted minute, your systemized training approach works great, and you are one of the best promoters I have ever met. The success of your program is amazing. When watching a college football game on TV we were familiar with most of the kickers, punters and long snappers because they had been students of Chris Sailer or Chris Rubio. I am sure that soon we will feel the same about the NFL. Our original goal was to have my son accepted to a school that would typically be academically beyond his reach. We plugged into your system going to at least 5 camps per year. My son slowly moved up to become one of the top ranked kicker/punters in the country. If we were having problems during the season, you were always there to help. You taught us how to build videos, how to contact college coaches, how to put together a marketing program, and you referred coaches to us and advised us on what to do for each stage of the recruiting process. It was this final part that that was priceless. College recruiting is a stressful experience and you kept us sane and reassured. Chris, I don't think my son and I will ever be able to give you the thanks you deserve. Yes it cost money, but the cost was only a small percent of the return. If we can do anything to help you or other students (and their parents) please do not hesitate to ask. You have given my son an amazing gift, and it is clear to us that it would never have been obtainable without plugging into your system of success. Now that my son is headed to college, he will continue to use you has his coach and we have learned that the long snapper has been trained by Chris Rubio. What else can we ask for? With hard work, focus, and a great kicking coach, the future looks great.
Parent, CA

Chris- I want to thank you for helping get my son recruited by Duquesne, it is a great school with a great football program in a big football town. They would not have heard about him if it were not for your recommendation, and with the punter you got there last year, they will be a great asset to your reputation, so four years from now they will call you for their next kicker and punter. I know the emphasis you put on the importance of grades in your seminars, and we found out how very important it really is. You can tell kids that it is not uncommon for colleges to require near a 4.0 to get in or walk on at a lot of colleges, with the increase in competition, grades and test scores play a large part in their selection process, I know you stress this, but I think many people don't realize how very important it is. I also want to tell you that the training and instruction that my son received at your camps is far superior to other camps we have been too, and the organization of your camps is far superior, no other camp can compare to yours. It was great watching the kids in his class since they were freshman, and the progress they made each year. Again, thank you for all your help and great instruction throughout the years.
Parent, IL

Chris, My son has been to a couple of College camps, Other kicking camps and has had some NFL kickers show him a thing or two, I was totally blown away by this camp. Within 5 minutes of instruction on punting my son gained 15 yards on his punt. During the competition his 1st 3 punts where perfect. Then he fell back to the old way and they were what they use to be. The field goal instruction was total impressive. Wow is all I can say. I wish I would have known about you two years ago. In my business I meet tons of coaches, pro athletes and such. I am not easily impressed. WOW is all I can say about your organization.
Parent, CA