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Nick Hill • Class of 2021 • Punters
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Nick Hill
Name: Nick Hill
Player Ranking:
Class Rank: 73
Grad Year: 2021
State: CA
Country: United States
Offers & Commitment:(NEW) UNDECIDED
Pro Team:
Height: 5-11
Weight: 170
Student Since: 2017
Last Evaluation: 11-20
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Player Review
Nick is an excellent junior college school punting and kicking prospect. He is a great looking athlete with nice future college potential. His punting has become his strength. He punts for a nice combination of distance and hang time. His hands are quick and his footwork is solid. One of the more consistent punters in America. Also a more than capable kicker. Nick does a nice job on field goal. He hits a pure ball off the ground and has 50+ yard range. His kickoffs are coming along nicely, college ready. A competitor that does very well under pressure. I like his all around upside. Look for Nick to have another strong showing at Vegas XXXVI in January. College football is in his future with continued hard work. Nick is a fine young man that is always a great pleasure to work with. One of the hardest workers out there. Strong combo prospect.

Aaron Perez (10/20)
"Nick is a very talented punter/kicker from the Bay Area. His punting has come a long way in the last year or so. Nick is now a two-step punter with great hands and a quick get off. He can hold and has great hands. One of Nick’s strengths is his operation time, and he was consistently under 1.3 touch to toe at camp. He hit plenty of punts 45-50 yards and his best punts are right around 47 yards with 4.4 seconds of hang. Nick has some things to improve, including adding a bit more explosiveness, but I believe he can be a solid four-year university prospect. He has all the tools to be successful!"

Aaron Perez (10/20)
Nick followed up an impressive performance in TX with another in IL. Nick is a solid combo prospect who can hold even though he is a kicker as well! One of the more impressive things about Nick in IL was his op time. He was consistently punting under 1.3 throughout the camp from touch to toe. As a two-step punter, Nick hit some great balls in training, his best being 48 4.25 directional left. During charting, Nick averaged 42 yards per punt and his best ball was 45 4.37. He was competitive in both competitions as well. With his great hands, quick get off and solid directional punting, Nick is a very sold transfer eligible punter!
Major Accomplishments:
2018 TX Spring Camp Punt Champion
2018 Vegas XXXII Field Goal Finalist
2019 AZ Spring Camp Field Goal Champion
2019 Vegas XXXIV Field Goal Finalist
2019 Vegas XXXIV Class of 2019 Field Goal Champion
2020 Vegas XXXVI Punt Finalist

Other Notes:
Combo Player K/P

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