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Reese Keeney • Class of 2023 • Kickers
FBS Power 5 Freshman Year Starter, Scholarship Pick
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Reese Keeney
Name: Reese Keeney
Player Ranking:
Class Rank: 165
Grad Year: 2023
State: TN
Country: United States
Offers & Commitment:(NEW) RICE
Pro Team:
Height: 5-11
Weight: 165
Student Since: 2019
Last Evaluation: 7-21


Player Review
Reese is an excellent high school punting and kicking prospect. He is a great looking athlete with a bright college future. His punting has become a major strength. Reese punts for nice combination of distance and hang time. He is clean and consistent 2-step punter. Reese excels at directional punting. He is also an outstanding kicker. He does a nice job on field goal. Reese hits a clean ball and easily has 50+ yard range. His kickoffs are solid. Reese has a bright college future with continued hard work. Strong combo prospect.
Other Notes:
Combo Player P/K

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